Friday, February 17, 2006

2006- year of the...umm...gadget?

Hello, can you hear me Seamus? 1..2, 1..2...testing...2...3. Ok, I think we're on line.

Welcome to my blog. This is the latest in a series of moves I've made since Christmas to catch up with technology in my life. You might be surprised to hear that although I've been CTO of high tech web companies for nearly a decade, and prior to that a Technology Strategist for a Management Consultancy, I've lagged woefully behind the curve (def: technoluddite) when it comes to being sorted with gadgets. My one concession has been the same mobile phone number since 1994. I did get a Playstation One... in 2004... only to sell it at a car boot (not on eBay).

I'm not sure that anything monumental happened at Christmas other than a sinking feeling that I was losing touch with the kids man. My cousins, who I have a two decade headstart in life over, seemed to be talking a different language. I feared that they'd be usurping my own position before long. Even my 4 year old niece is sending me emails! So, in 6 weeks I have gone 3G, advanced to digital TV, bounced to broadband and got an electric zuzzer to zuzz everything from coffee to coriander seeds (that's the biggy). And now, for my education and your delectation, I have a blog. Umm... lucky you!


Phil said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. After picking myself up that somebody out there in "cyberspace" has actually taken time to read my blog - God, even I find it painful - and posted a nice comment, I thought I would read yours.
You are putting me to shame. Rather than being a tecnoluddite, I think you are in tune with the bleeding edge. 3G, what is that when its at home? Is that what astronauts use to get accustomed to 0G? Digital tv - is that like a digital watch?
Anyway keep up the good blog. I will be joining you from time to time on the ride into mid-life crisis i.e I will be reading your blog. Enjoy the journey.

Richard Atkinson said...

Thanks Pang... my first mutual support blogger!