Monday, July 24, 2006

Technorati Refreshes Itself

David Sifry today announced a relaunch of Technorati to coincide with its 3rd birthday. Technorati has always been really useful for its core functionality- blog searches. There's been some incremental tickling round the edges, but the revamped site now seems bang up to the mark in terms of ease of use and new features. It also looks like a few things have been ironed out behind the scenes in terms of updates and stability, but time will tell on the latter.

Unlike the quick visits I've been making over the years, I can now expect to lose many hours to Technorati over the coming weeks.

One complaint is that I look a bit of billy no mates- with only ClickRich favoriting the ClickRich blog. I'm sure my, ahem, intelligent readers have more important things to do!

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Wossername said...

ClickRich, you are no longer alone. I joined Technorati ages ago, but have only just rediscovered it as a result of this post prompting me. I've added a few faves and you are at the top. ;)

Richard Atkinson said...

Many thanks Wossername. I've reciprocated.