Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nokia N70 Update

Further to my earlier post about my Nokia N70, I'm still "generally satisfied" with the product. There seem to be a myriad of features which my network (Orange) doesn't support such as Push Talk and Orange Synch- or is it just me who isn't able to use them? Also, the Symbian OS does not provide enough utility for me to manage the files and applications on the device. Specifically, I can't remove some of the games which came preinstalled.

Anyway, my current main gripe is that after 6 months or so of working fine, the PC synch is being stubborn as an Ox (no disrespect to any of our four legged friends who might be reading this). The cable connection icon on the phone only seems to be working intermittently. When you first plug it in, it works and then seems to change it's mind after anything from a few seconds to a minute. When you do seem to have a good connection (according to the icon) the PC Synch software runs on the PC, but does not react at all when you press "synchronise" or "settings" (and it's not because they're greyed out).

I have the same problem with both my home PC and my work laptop so I can only presume it is something at the phone end or in the cable. The fact that the icon does appear at first suggests that the cable is fine.

This is beyond the limit of the inbuilt Help menus and is driving me nuts.

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Mobile Depot said...

Friend, you cannot uninstall preinstalled softwares in your N70 because some of these are in the ROM. You can only remove these games if its installed in the c: drive or in your RS-MMC

Anonymous said...

ClickRich, Thanks for dropping by to my blog. I have tried to follow your link to previous review of N70 but the link is broken.

Anonymous said...

Hi ClickRich
Ive been using the N90 and though the imaging is not too bad as for anything else I am not too impressed, I have been waiting for the N93 to make it's debut here.

Anonymous said...

hye ClickRich..thanks for the comment at my blog..i have try to follow your blog after this.. thanks again

Richard Atkinson said...

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