Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How sites used to be...

I was chewing the cudd with an old tech buddy tonight, lamenting how easy tech leaders have it today. "You can have a website without ever having touched a server", "I remember when we used to pay £36,000 per annum for our hosting" etc etc. We then started talking about "what the web used to be like". So, I thought I'd have a look to see what an antique website might look like. I figured that not-for-profits and associations might be fertile ground and sure enough came across The Channel Swimming Association.

Isn't it quaint? I love it. You can't help but spend money on their 'regalia'... oh, but wait- you can't. You need to email them your credit cards after placing the order online. Superb. I love the level of manual intervention required to fulfill the order.

You have to ask yourself the question... why need they do any more? In no way am I intending to write a post which is either patronising or snobbish. It's a great website. I might even swim the channel to prove my sincerity.

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