Friday, July 28, 2006

Skype and Jajah- how much room is there?

When technologies are heavily based on commodity, you wonder how much room there is in the marketplace. Or at least I do. There's little room to differentiate, so do Skype have the whole market in the bag?

No, of course not, and along comes Jajah to prove it. Free calls between registered users- globally. They make their money on 'off network' calls. Sound familiar? Well, how about this- you need to install NO software. In fact, you don't even need broadband! Why, well you use their website to register, log in and set up your call by entering YOUR phone number and the person's who you're calling. From then on in, it is like a normal landline/mobile call using your normal landline or mobile phone.

Impressive. Ok, so I've not tried it because something says this is too good to be true. Am I being too British about this? Probably.

Oh, and they have a Jajah blog too.

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