Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CreativeCraving brings Cafepress-like service to UK

Way back in July 2006 I suggested that someone should set up a business like Cafepress but with a UK based operation- rather than from west coast US. This was partly out of guilt from buying a $5 mug from Cafepress and then paying nearly the same to post it back to the UK from San Fran. I still felt the price was reasonable, but just imagine the carbon footprint!

Anyway, someone from Creative Craving has contacted me... it's been done. And done well. I would normally feel envious that I'd spotted an opportunity and someone else has exploited it before me, but I sincerely don't begrudge the great job they've done. I hope to be a customer soon and see if the experience lives up to the anticipation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,
just stumbled across this post because of the CreativeCraving connection, I'm a contributor and a customer - If you use them, I hope you will be as impressed as I am.
But that's not what made me decide to leave this comment - It's your views on memory - "It's not what it was" or words to that effect - but as an rapidly approaching 60ish sort of guy I can say that my memory is what it was .... it's just not what it should be now. Wan't to know what I did 30 years ago? - no problem, What I had for dinner 10 minutes ago - no chance.
Don't worry about forgetting what you did today - you won't - worry about forgetting what you are going to do in 20 years time.
Best wishes
Er.. Colin - If I remember correctly!


Anonymous said...

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