Monday, June 12, 2006

Voicemail to Text

Has anyone (especially in the UK) tried any voicemail to text gateway services like SpinVox? I fancy giving it a go, but my voicemails are so valuable that even a free trial doesn't quite cut it. I'd like some recommendations from strangers please :) I lose so much time to catching up with Voicemails because I can easily do 4 to 8 hours of meetings a day. Whilst I can do sub-2 minute tasks and emails in some of those meetings, I can't check the voicemails. Then I need to spend an hour catching up at the end of the day and carrying tasks through to tomorrow. It would be so much better to deal with the voicemails as emails in the meetings.

I'm worried about setting it up and then not being in control. Anyone?

Also, any alternatives to SpinVox out there?

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Anonymous said...

SpinVox allows you to take more control over your voicemails - and you still have them there to listen to. Email me directly and we can discuss this.