Thursday, June 08, 2006

Nokia N70 Task Synch Problem

Anyone reading my blog recently will know that I'm on something of a mission in maximising my personal productivity and that of my colleagues. It all started with the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen (more to be found in this blog and more to follow).

However, I'm in need of someway of categorising my Tasks as they synchronise onto my Nokia N70. Obviously, Outlook is able to categorise what I need (agenda, office, PC, phone, projects, waiting). Unfortunately, the To-Do app on my phone (preinstalled) doesn't get that piece of info when I synch. The result is that my personal management system isn't working for me. Well, perhaps it's working, but is my next BIG hurdle in pursuing my increase in productivity (and a better lifestyle).

Any ideas? Anyone used an alternative java to-do/task list app for the Symbian operating system?

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