Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A picture says a thousand words

Few areas of IT sound dryer than 'Knowledge Management' which is quite something when you bear in mind that this is already spin on 'Document Management' *yawn*. However, in investigating extranet and portal solutions, I've just been given a demo of some visualisation tools from Information Graphics (or Infograph). They have quite a product portfolio, but I was I taken with the Brava! suite of apps that specifically deal with viewing and annotation of images. What is really, ahem, 'cool' is that using java or .NET (API/applet thingumbies) they have been able to let the browser view so many formats of images, from the obvious big 5 (jpg, tiff, pdf, bmp and png) through to specialist CAD formats and twenty or so document formats (no, not just Microsoft). You can then annotate what you see without touching the original- the data is stored in an xml layer.

With so many collaboration solutions making use of the Internet through products like Microsoft Sharepoint, Oracle Collaboration Suite, BEA Plumtree and Metadot, Brava is a company I'd invest my two-penneth in.

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