Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wandering the US with WanderingDave

Ah, this is what Saturday mornings are for- sitting back with a large pot of coffee, in your dressing gown, just following hyperlinks round the web and seeing what takes your fancy (I think we used to call it surfing). Absolutely no objective in mind. Just browsing for the curiosity of it. Actually, I'm meant to be working through a list of chores where item 1 is "Complete tax return" but, not having read about the power of starting, I'm in task-avoidance mode.

And I'm glad that I am, because I've found one of those gems to add to my feeds- WanderingDave's blog. Dave Burke has a whole website supporting all manner of media, from podcasts and newpaper columns to audio that he hopes will be syndicated by radio stations as he does what many of us would want to- and takes a year 'out' to travel round the US.

Stay tuned. It should be fascinating and fun. Where will he go? What will he make of those places? Thanks to Technorati for helping with my aimless browsing.

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Wandering Dave said...

Hey Rich!

Thanks so much for the unsolicited plug on your blog. I'm pleased that your Saturday morning meanderings led you to an intersection with my own wanderings. What a world (wide web).

I hope you'll drop by from time to time while I'm on the road (all this year, basically). I'm particularly interested in your suggestions/reactions to my efforts to use multiple media channels to share both my "hit" and miss-adventures in Canada and the U.S.

Thanks again and best wishes as you cintinue to explore possibilities in your own life.