Monday, September 11, 2006

Why are Americans great salespeople?

I've just come off a several hour long, 4 way, web demo from a potential US partner, our HQ and a couple of our employees from home. The sales team made me feel really bad. Why? I must have spent days worth of accumulated hours pitching to potential US customers in previous lives and they must have been bored stiff by my unimaginative banter. At the time I thought I was well prepared, but these folks have taken the art of sales to a whole new level of preparation.

These folks are a nation of salespeople. In the UK, we might be a nation of shopkeepers, but we need to break out from behind the counter and do something different. These guys had a team of 6 or 7 role players running through a well practiced (sorry, practised) script with very natural, but no doubt highly calculated, humour.

It was an absolute pleasure.

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