Friday, September 15, 2006

Chekhov at the Chapel

My friend Becca and her colleagues who formed the Cilgwyn Theatre Company have finally (c'mon Bex, pull your finger out why don't you) got their first show off the ground and onto the stage of the Union Chapel in Islington. As everyone who knows me will atest, I'm not the thespian type (I was even choking on my own modest name drop in the first sentence of this post), but people whose opinion counts, such as The Guardian, reckon it would be worth turning out for.

Personally, I trust Bex and, if that weren't enough, I'll be there for the canap├ęs supplied by her culinary gifted brother, the Kitster, at the Gala performance on 19th September. I believe it's a case of bring your own Doritos from that point in.

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Anonymous said...

Break a leg Bex. Good post Rich