Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Confused in Leeds

1 City SquareThis might sound extremely trivial unless you can relate to a similar situation, but I've just visited Leeds for the first time on business and it was odd. Why? Well, I must have been to Leeds several thousand times having been brought up for 18 years just round the corner. However, today I commuted there from London and saw the city in a whole new light, stepping out of the station with thousands of city centre workers and making my way, not to the shopping centres to the NE of the station, but to the Central Business District* across City Square... in a suit. It was an immensely strange feeling something like jet lag or time travel (I guess).

Of all the buildings to be visiting, it was the landmark "1 City Square" too. I guess I've just been holding off for an invite to the smartest building in town.

*GCSE Geography raises its latent head.

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