Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tele-Wine Tasting

Cisco, BT and Chief Wine Officer combined some Christmas cheer with a technology demo wonderfully last night. The team used a telepresence room in Cisco's London HQ to host a wine tasting evening from similar kit in BT's New York office. This was a fantastic test of the technology due to the need for it to allow extremely nuanced communication between two groups of people. Only two further things are needed from Cisco to make the wine tasting as good as having everyone in the same room:

1. Object teleportation- removing the need for the wine to be sourced and stored at each location.
2. Time machine- it had to be remembered that it was just 1pm for our valient hosts, who matched us glass for glass (except for the sommelier who diligently spat after each sip).

So, nearly there Cisco. Piece of cake.

Meanwhile, until such tweaks are made, a telepresence room has been set up by Cisco at the Copenhagen Climate Conference (and will stay for about a year thereafter), both to facilitate collaboration and also as a great demonstrator of a technology with the potential to reduce the need for travel.

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