Sunday, November 05, 2006

American Climate Apathy?

Over my breakfast in Madison, WI this morning, the front page headline of the Wisconsin State Journal read "Helping save the world, one day at a time". I was pleased to see that some Americans, notorious for being the world's gas guzzling Kyoto-dodgers, are giving climate change top billing. However, the midterm electioneers seem to be fighting in very different territory- who is and isn't enjoying the services of same sex escorts and the use of IT in the voting booths, for example. Whilst out and about tonight I'll see if I can gauge public opinion on the climate... least, public opinion as seen through the bottom of a beer glass. If you live in Madison want to avoid the nosey Brit, avoid the Angelic Bar and Great Dane Pub & Brewery.

Incidentally, I was also stunned to see that over $2billion is being spent on the midterm campaigns. More than the last presidential election!

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Anonymous said...

Not sure what is happening, but all posts are being downloaded in my RSS aggregator and marked as received on either 31/12/05 or 1/1/06. Mucking up the listing and getting multiple copies of the same posts. Anyone else getting this?


Richard Atkinson said...

I gave up on my interviews early when faced with an environmentalist who claimed to be a 10,000 year old reincarnate born of mother earth who was on a mission to educate me on the rights and wrongs of humanity- from Bush to Buddha, Messiah to Muslims.

Live and let live.

Richard Atkinson said...

Just my posts Kevin, or all of them across your feeds?